Captain Jack Harkness

sometimes you can know too much history

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This is a roleplaying journal for Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who/Torchwood in the community krazy_a_lot.
alien artifacts, aliens, being dark and mysterious, being pansexual, captain jack, captain john, cardiff, coffee made by ianto, death, gwen, hockey, ianto, ianto in his suits, ianto without his suits, my sexy coat, naked hide and seek, not dying, not getting pregnant again, owen, pizza, posing on the roof, pterodactyls, rose, secrets, sex, sex in my office, sex in the tardis, showing off, stalking the doctor, stopwatches, the doctor, the doctor's hand, the kama sutra, the lift, the rift, the tardis, the torchwood van, time, time agents, time travel, torchwood, tosh, weevils